Wines that Pair Perfectly with the Fall… of Democracy

Hey-yo, it’s my favorite time of year, fall! As we welcome in the crisp smell of leaves, death and decay, let’s revisit some autumn-appropriate satire from Election 2020! (Originally published in Greener Pastures Comedy, November 2020.) Wines that Pair Perfectly with the Fall… of Democracy Rosé-Colored Glasses — This lovely rosé combines elderflower and plum […]

New York Times published my Tiny Victory!

Hello, hello! I’m happy to report that New York Times published my Tiny Victory in their Parenting newsletter this week! I bought my daughter this super soft, adorable alpaca to take to school and help with her anxiety (you can buy one here). It’s small enough to fit in her backpack. At the end of […]

We At Exxon Recognize That We’re Killing The Planet, But We’re All Gonna Die Anyway So Stop Making Us Feel Bad About It

By Amy Currul, Summer Koester and Gwen Coburn As a lobbyist for Exxon Mobil, I understand that many of you are upset about our role in the planet’s rapid deterioration due to climate change. I get it. I, too, would be upset, if I wasn’t already guaranteed a spot on Elon’s Mars Colony and its corresponding escape pod. I’m […]

Interview with Fevers of the Mind Poetry

Friends, A few weeks ago Fevers of the Mind literary journal reached out to ask if they could interview me for their blog. They have interviewed dozens of amazing poets and writers, so of course I said yes! You can read that interview here on their website. Thanks for reading!

Are You Parenting Small Children During a Pandemic, Or Are You Baba Yaga, the Ogress Who Lives In a Hut on Chicken Legs and Eats Her Victims?

It’s been a while since you visited the dentist. Some might say you’ve “let yourself go.” On a good day, you can engender the creation of a new life. On a bad day, your breasts swell like storm clouds.  Your most important possessions are your stove, broom, and mop. You are the keeper and releaser […]

Welcome Back To In-Person School!

Do you have a child going back to in-person school next week? Are they too young to be vaccinated? Is your city, town, or village in the red for COVID cases? Do you feel like The Weeknd from the Superbowl halftime show when he was trapped in the box with blinking lights and a bunch […]