Summer Koester is an award-winning writer, poet, and performing artist in Lingít Aaní, Juneau, Alaska.

Summer’s satirical work has appeared in McSweeney’s, Slackjaw, Points In Case, and the Belladonna. Her essays have been featured in Lowestoft Chronicle, Hellebore, and Bloodroot Literary, and her poetry has shown up in Third Wednesday and Motherwell Magazine, among others. She is a winner of the Alaska statewide poetry contest, and she once had a Reader’s Write piece published in The Sun.

Summer has studied humor writing with Second City and Catapult, performs improv, and has taken creative nonfiction writing classes with Catapult, 49 Writers, and University of Alaska Southeast. She is a a member of Juneau Women’s Poetess Society and has studied poetry with Kim Addonizio. Summer possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Peoples and Performing Arts of Latin America and the Caribbean and a Masters of Education.

Summer teaches Spanish to middle school students. On her free time she enjoys writing, acting, dancing, writing and performing songs on her guitar, and getting out into the wilderness. She lives in Juneau, Alaska, with her husband and two children.