Two Sides of a Raven

(A Reverse Poem)

By Amy Pinney

He is simply a problem causer
it’s preposterous that
he is also gentle and playful
it’s no surprise
being a shaggy-throated intellectual
his side glances
we will continue to discuss
sandwich-stealing and mimicry
being more significant than
his guidance and teaching
I think it’s true
his link between ocean and trees
but we should not question
the crows’ warnings
the hungry, mischievous raiders
of their robbing and fighting
I won’t be persuaded
to trust this protector
he is conniving
and it’s a lie
he is symbiotic with wolf and bear
it is evident that
he is an unfriendly trickster
and foolish of us to think
he is an unfaltering spirit
and all of this is true unless we reverse it.
(Now read from bottom to top)


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