Letter to the Universe

a poem for International Women’s Day

When my daughter grows up

she will love her body, no matter

the size. She will have a healthy relationship

with food and exercise.

She will speak her mind with conviction,

and the world will listen.

She will be asked as many questions

as she asks others, because she is

just as important and interesting

as anyone else. She won’t be told to

smile more,

or that she’s too nice,

or just show us your tits,

because that is so last millennium.

She won’t be expected to

dress or act a certain way–

men will know better than to

pick on someone smaller than they.

Her kindness will not be

mistaken for weakness,

her sensitivity and generosity &

quiet strength

will make her a leader, and they will respect

this new leadership, as people did

before the dawn of civilization–

when the past becomes the future, 

when the end calls back to the beginning,

when my daughter grows up.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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