Eliot Fisk Plays “Memories of Alhambra”

“Memories of Alhambra” he calls it,And already I know I’m in trouble.Woody Allen’s doppelgangerDances impossibly deft fingersOver a small, custom guitarSounding not like one, but two.Transported to a life I have not yet lived,More lovely than a dream,I recall stories once imaginedWhile visiting the ancient Moorish castleOf love gained and lost,Deeper than the Mediterranean.Despair and …


June lupine bloomsCocoon Juneau in huesOf lavender and blue,Cormorant and loon attune To swoon of spring --None are immune.Whispers rise and fallSoft like balloonsUnder the loom of moon In full bloom.Soon strewn throughout, lupine seeds commune,Leaving clues to ruminateOn what once grew Under lover's rune. Photo by Jessie Herman Haywood