New humor up on Slackjaw, “Medium’s most read comedy site”: Quiz: Is It A Global Pandemic or Just Menopause?

Good morning, intrepid travelers of this strange time-space continuum!

Summer here reporting at oh, 7:15 in the morning on a Saturday (WAY too early for a Saturday, but alas I can’t sleep again, as I am going on day three of insomnia, no thanks to this wicked “wolf moon”!)

But I am happy to report that I have a new post up on Slackjaw that I created with Heather-Osterman Davis, titled Quiz: Is It A Global Pandemic or Just Menopause?

Whether that time of life is knocking on your door, in your house without a mask, or keeping its social distance, or even if you are not a ciswoman, I hope that this helps you know you are not alone in your feelings!

With love,



  1. Hey Summer, sorry I don’t have the duet music to you yet. Have had hard drive issues so I have not been able to scan. Should have it to you soon.

    So what’s up with this insomnia stuff?


    Sent from my iPhone


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