I, Baba Yaga, Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Stay In This Chicken-Legged Hut with These Children

https://medium.com/jane-austens-wastebasket/i-baba-yaga-dont-know-how-much-longer-i-can-stay-in-this-chicken-legged-hut-with-these-children-7715040cae46 Are you a parent at home with children trying to Do It All? Are you at the brink of eating your children just for some peace and quiet? If so, then Baba Yaga sees you. Please enjoy my latest now up on Jane Austen's Wastebasket!

Thank you to the Haven for publishing my latest piece “Are You Ready to Reenter Society and Attend that Wiccan Seance?”

Happy Halloween, witches and warlocks! Good news: masks are less dangerous that doomscrolling in the dark! (Hello, permanent macular degeneration!) Here is that link: https://medium.com/the-haven/quiz-are-you-ready-to-reenter-society-by-attending-that-wiccan-s%C3%A9ance-fa6b3c54db9f https://medium.com/the-haven/quiz-are-you-ready-to-reenter-society-by-attending-that-wiccan-s%C3%A9ance-fa6b3c54db9f https://medium.com/the-haven/quiz-are-you-ready-to-reenter-society-by-attending-that-wiccan-s%C3%A9ance-fa6b3c54db9f Thank you to the editors!

Quiz: Are You Ready to Reenter Society and Attend that Wiccan Séance?

Now that the High Priestess has declared masks to be safer than deadly adders, our sisters of the dark arts have resumed spellcasting in autumnal forests. Do you feel like you might be ready to interact with real-life, three-dimensional witches again, but aren’t sure how to talk to people after spending seven moons doom-scrolling alone …

My essay “Alaska On Fire” is now on The Hellebore

Goodday mateys! I'm excited to announce that my essay Alaska on Fire was published in the latest issue of the Hellebore, Black Moss. An acquaintance called it an "insightful, well-written piece on last summer’s wildfires, budget destruction and the Tlingit idea of shukalxs uxs’— where the end is called back to the beginning". You can …