I, Baba Yaga, Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Stay In This Chicken-Legged Hut with These Children

https://medium.com/jane-austens-wastebasket/i-baba-yaga-dont-know-how-much-longer-i-can-stay-in-this-chicken-legged-hut-with-these-children-7715040cae46 Are you a parent at home with children trying to Do It All? Are you at the brink of eating your children just for some peace and quiet? If so, then Baba Yaga sees you. Please enjoy my latest now up on Jane Austen's Wastebasket!

Now on McSweeneys: As A Superhero Teacher, I Can’t Wait to Sacrifice My Unvaccinated Life for Your Child

Achievement unlocked! I can't begin to explain how STOKED I was when I got the email from McSweeneys Internet Tendency that they were going to run my latest satire piece about teachers and vaccines. Getting published on McSweeneys has been a dream of mine. Some writers spend YEARS trying to get published there. Book deals …