I, Baba Yaga, Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Stay In This Chicken-Legged Hut with These Children

https://medium.com/jane-austens-wastebasket/i-baba-yaga-dont-know-how-much-longer-i-can-stay-in-this-chicken-legged-hut-with-these-children-7715040cae46 Are you a parent at home with children trying to Do It All? Are you at the brink of eating your children just for some peace and quiet? If so, then Baba Yaga sees you. Please enjoy my latest now up on Jane Austen's Wastebasket!

The Real Reason Your Friends Post So Many Pictures of their Kids Online

For a parent, there's only one other day as dreaded as Halloween, and that's School Picture Day. I know are probably thinking, What could be more terrifying than having to sew the perfect Minecraft Enderman outfit in time for the Halloween candy crush, only to be followed by red dye psychosis and a visit to …